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Atom Bomb

Atom Bomb was a Fairyweight robot built by Team Misfit that competed in the 2007, 2008, 2013, and 2015 RoboGames. It was an invertible two wheeled drum spinner (Later a weaponless wedge), Despite being a Fairyweight version of the teams three time Antweight Gold Medalist The Bomb, Atom Bomb did poorly over the course of its career, winning at least three fights, but losing eight. Despite this Atom Bomb still managed to pick up a Bronze Medal in 2013, and a Silver in 2009

RoboGames History Edit

RoboGames 2008 Edit

RoboGames 2009 Edit

RoboGames 2013 Edit

RoboGames 2015 Edit

Combat Record Edit

Wins: 3?

Losses: 8

Competition Wins Losses
RoboGames 2008 None

Dark Bullit

Baby Bunny

RoboGames 2009 Buzz Killington


Micro Drive


RoboGames 2013 Unknown

Tiny Terror

Snuggle Bunny

RoboGames 2015 Robotussin

No Fly Zone


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Atom Bomb CAD

Atom Bombs CAD drawing.

The Bomb, The teams much more successful Antweight version of Atom Bomb.