Max Wedge

Max Wedge

Max Wedge was a dominant Middleweight built by Team Rotordesign that competed in ROBOLympics 2004, the 2004 RFL Nationals, and RoboGames 2005. It was a Silver, four-wheeled, invertible wedge robot with no active weapons. Max Wedge did very well, winning both the 2004 RFL Nationals, and ROBOLympics 2004 as well as winning the Silver Medal in RoboGames 2005.

Robot History Edit

ROBOLympics 2004 Edit

2004 RFL Nationals Edit

RoboGames 2005 Edit

Combat Record Edit


  • Wins: 19
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
ROBOLympics 2004 Terrabyte

Bad Attitude

Devil's Plunger (x2)

Another Boring Wedge


2004 RFL Nationals Stahl


Devil's Plunger (x2)

RoboGames 2005 Black Magic

Terminal Velocity

Devil's Plunger


Tuka The Cat

Doom on you!

Angry Asp

Pirinah 2

Nasty Attitude

RoboGames Record Edit

ROBOLympics 2004 - Middleweight Gold Medalist

2004 RFL Nationals - Middleweight Champion

RoboGames 2005 - Silver Medalist

Outside RoboGames Edit

Max Wedge competed at the first two, and the last Steel Conflict events, winning the second one, and gaining its now infamous victory against Hazard in the first one.

Max Wedge also competed at BattleBots Season 5.0 under the name 64 Wedge, where it won two battles before losing to The Edge.

Trivia Edit

  • Max Wedge is one of only three robots in history to have defeated three time BattleBots champion Hazard, the other two being T-Minus. and Auction Block.


Robot Combat Hall of Fame (Honorable Mention 2005)