Not to be confused with Robot that competed in ROBOLympics 2004


NTSC was a Heavyweight built by Team Tiki that competed at the 2006 ComBots GDC demonstration event. It was a slow, four-wheeled, weaponless robot, with wood armor, and a TV on top. Despite being from the long line of Team Tiki novelty bots, NTSC managed to gain infamy by winning its one, and only battle against Last Rites, by knockout.

RobotHistory Edit

ComBots CDC Edit

NTSC's only fight was against Last Rites the purpose of this fight was to show what Last Rites could do. However things did not exactly go as planned. The fight started with Last Rites spinning up, and colliding with the front of NTSC, sending splinters everywhere as well as knocking the TV off the top.

Last Rites then went for the TV itself, thoroughly destroying it, however while doing this a chunk of the TV got stuck in Last Rites blade jamming it up. Shortly after this Last Rites got high centered on debris from the destroyed TV, and was counted out, as the remainder of the cabinet fell off of NTSC. Following this upset, NTSC never had another battle after this fight, and was retired.

Combat Record Edit


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 0
Competition Wins Losses
ComBots GDC Last Rites None


Undefeated Robot (1 win)

Trivia Edit

Along with Heavyweight Yaotl, and Middleweight WarSaw. NTSC is one of only three Large robots (Lightweight or heavier) to only have one battle in RoboGames/ComBots. Out of the three, NTSC is the only robot that actually won its only battle.