Robo Loco as it appeared for Robogames 2004.

Robo Loco
was a SuperHeavyweight robot built by Team Loose Screw that competed at Robogames 2004, and 2007. It was a two wheeled invertable robot armed with a spinning bar. Robo Loco did not do well in its competitions, losing all four of its matches across the two tournaments.

Robot History Edit

Most of the 2004, and 2007 Robogames SuperHeavyweight competition has been lost to time, and all of Robo Locos fights are no exception only the results will be listed.

RoboGames 2004 Edit

Robo Locos first fight was against Tombstone. Robo Loco lost this fight, and was put in the losers bracket against Shell Spinner OUCH!. Robo Loco lost this fight as well, meaning they were eliminated from the tournament.

Robogames 2007 Edit

Robo Loco returned for the 2007 event, where it faced Vladiator in the first round. Vladiator won this fight, putting Robo Loco in the losers bracket where it faced The Judge. Robo Loco lost this fight as well, meaning it was eliminated from the tournament.


Combat Record Edit

Wins: 0

Losses: 4

Competition Wins Losses
Robogames 2004




Robogames 2007



The Judge

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