Son of ziggy-sm

Son of Ziggy

Son of Ziggy was a Heavyweight robot built by CM Robotics from Ottawa, ON, Canada that competed from RoboGames 2011 to RoboGames 2013. It was a silver robot with a front hinged wedge, and armed with a pneumatic launcher, Son of Ziggy performed decently in its time active, placing fourth in its final appearance.

RoboGames HistoryEdit

RoboGames 2011Edit

ComBots Cup VIEdit

RoboGames 2012Edit

ComBots Cup VIIEdit

RoboGames 2013Edit

Combat RecordEdit

Wins: -

Losses: -

Competition Wins Losses
RoboGames 2011

Scrap Hammer

Preda Raptor

Breaker Box

Original Sin

ComBots Cup VI None


Touro Maximus

RoboGames 2012

Shear Force

The Great Pumpkin

Original Sin

Ragin Scotsman

ComBots Cup VII None


Ragin Scotsman

RoboGames 2013

Super Fluffy Pink Bunny from the land of candy and rainbows

Haka Ka Mate

Ragin Scotsman


The Great Pumpkin

Last Rites

Sewer Snake

See AlsoEdit

Ziggy, the teams much more successful SuperHeavyweight entry


Lucky (BattleBots), the teams entry into BattleBots and RoboGames 2018.

CycloneBot, the teams Melty Brain spinner.