Sweet Knocker

The first version of Team Misfits Antweight Sweet Knocker with the team logo visible on the top armor.

Team Misfit is a team from Santa Rosa, California that have had a long history with RoboGames. First appearing at the 2003 RSA Holiday Games, which was the very first RoboGames/ComBots event. The team mainly tends to stick to Featherweights, and Antweights. They are most notable for their robots Micro Drive, and The Bomb.

Wins: 72?

Losses: 55?

Robot Weight class Events competed in
Atom Bomb Antweight RoboGames 2008-2009

RoboGames 2013-2015

Baron Underwear Antweight RoboGames 2008
Brave Little Toaster Beetleweight RoboGames 2007

RoboGames 2009

Buzz Killington Fairyweight RoboGames 2008
Change of Heart Fairyweight RoboGames 2006
Dust Bunny Fairyweight RoboGames 2015-2016
H-Bomb Hobbyweight RoboGames 2007
Hidden Power Featherweight ROBOLympics 2004
Hurricane Antweight ROBOLympics 2004
Micro Drive Fairyweight RoboGames 2006-2008
Overdrive Antweight RSA Holiday Games

ROBOLympics 2004

Queen and Kings Beetleweight RoboGames 2008
Rebel Antweight 2005 RFL Nationals
Snuggle Bunny Fairyweight RoboGames 2013
Sweet Knocker Antweight RoboGames 2007

ComBots Cup VI

RoboGames 2012

The Bomb Antweight RoboGames 2006-2008

RoboGames 2012-2016

Wild One Antweight RSA Holiday Games

ROBOLympics 2004

RoboGames 2008