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Team Plumb Crazy is a Husband, and Wife team from Sacramento, California consisting of Matt, and Wendy Maxham. Although mostly known for their Heavyweight robots Sewer Snake, and Evil Plunger the team has been dominant in almost every weight class they have entered into, and is considered one of the big three teams along with Hardcore Robotics, and Team Riobotz.

Robot Weight class Events competed in
Angry Asp Middleweight RoboGames 2005 - ComBots Cup IV
Devil's Plunger Middleweight-Heavyweight ROBOLympics 2004 - RoboGames 2006
DryRot Bot Middleweight RSA Holiday Games
Evil Plunger Heavyweight RoboGames 2015
Pipe Wench Middleweight RoboGames 2006 - ComBots Cup IV
PSS Ant Antweight RSA Holiday Games
Sewer Snake Heavyweight-Superheavyweight 2004 ComBots Open - RoboGames 2013
Wiped Out Lightweight 2004 RFL Nationals
Wipe Out #2 Lightweight RSA Holiday Games - Febuary Fun Fest

Wins: 128

Losses: 69